The FutureScapes Writing Contest, 2016 Theme is Cities of Empowerment.

The FutureScapes Writing Contest, 2016 Theme is Cities of Empowerment. They specifically reference HG Wells, and Star Trek in their examples of works that have inspired our lives.

What does the idealized future, 30 years from now, look like to me?

As a Libertarian and Science Fiction fan, this could be fun.

Some ideas off the cuff.

Technology, voting and running for office from the home computer/tablet/social media.

Using Liberty as the primary focus. Less government, and more crowd sourced solutions.

Google Voice empowering the blind and deaf.

Schools built on competition (open enrollment, and specialized training programs). Are they funded by taxes, or other means? Product Tax (ei: lotteries, but ones where 90% of all funds go to the schools not the lottery admins; or, Schools that produce product for purchase).

Voters rewarded (through business contributions) for positive results, on mutually agreed upon metrics. Balanced Budgets, increased economic growth, lower crime rates.

Elderly, Physically Disabled, Mentally Disabled, Poor... how are they provided for without further drain on government resources and increased taxes?

Innovation. The US Constitution encourages the Congress to encourage Art and Science, but through intellectual property rights (not taxes and grants). How could this idea be expanded and developed?


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