Location Sketch: Sriklan Islands

Sri-Klan Islands (need a new name)


Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, south of Hawaii, even with Australia and Mexico. Large grouping of small islands, hidden from even the most sophisticated maps.




Beaches are comprised of Quartz Sand, white in color, and cool the touch, even on the hottest day. Tropical, near equator?


Buildings, once used by the Japanese during WWII prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, now owned and used by the USA for Top Secret training exercises. Only the most elite train here, and even they don’t know where it is. The buildings are kept in full operational use, and often rebuilt after training causes collateral damage.




Peppered with Cherry Blossom Trees, Palms, Oak, and Spruce. A reminder of many former residents.


No large beasts, there are monkeys, birds, reptiles, sea turtles.


Each Island is within visibility of another, barely. One could swim from one to another, however, white sharks are known to travel out this far and visit nearby reefs. Attacks are rare, but can happen when blood is in the water.




The island is fully wired with generators and satellites, wireless cameras and motion sensors are kept running 24 hours a day.






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